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Women of Marvel SDCC Panel Talks About Us!

Q: What can fans do to get more female-led (creatively or character wise) comics from Marvel?

A. Alonso: “Support the books. It was people dressing up as Captain Marvel at Emerald City Comic-Con that made us give that book a second wind. We saw that it was catching on. There is a challenge inherent in launching new titles. It’s as hard to launch a Black Panther as it is to launch a Black Widow. This has changed recently, and we are making progress.”

V. Alonso: “I want to tell you, we take you seriously. You don’t understand the power that you have over what we do day in and day out. I work twenty hours a day to make sure that the imagery we bring to film is the best we can bring you. When we do see more Captain Marvels, more Gamoras, more Black Widows, we see that and it matters. The women and the men behind us care about what you love and what you want represented. Take that to heart because we take you to heart!”

dobiedobes asked:

How does one go about joining the Carol Corps?

There’s not set way of joining. If you love Carol and Captain Marvel and Chewie (well, a little) then you’re already a member.

If you want to shout it out to the world, then knit a lucky hat or make a pin or just shout. It’s all good.

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